One of my favorite reasons for being an entrepreneur is being able to work from anywhere, having time freedom with my family and being able to do what I love.

I also love to teach others how to be successful.

Hi! I’m Keri Johnson, I believe in building our businesses around what’s important to us. And, for me, the ability to work from anywhere, have time freedom and a wealthy lifestyle that I love.

 The principals I share in my trainings contributed significantly to my businesses going from nothing into a high six figure income.

I’ve created successful businesses all ove my life: a photography business, a private lable apparel brand, professional model and a manifesing coaching business with online programs. And, I’ve learned it’s not about the Hustle, it’s so much more fun than that. 

 My intention is to guide and lead as many people as I can to the life they love. I didn’t have any mentors, leaders or financial help. I learned everything on my own and have been 100% self-taught in everything I do.

It was challenging for me and therefore, I am committed to be the Leader and Mentor for you. The one I wished I had found  for me. 

Champagne Bubbles… No More Money Troubles

How would you feel If:

  • You had the confidence to do what you really wanted to do.
  • You enjoyed the heck out of life and found the SECRET keys to unlock this Magic.
  • Your LIFE was thriving IN ALL AREAS.
  • You felt inspired and fulfilled.
  • You were financially free to travel in Vip style, make more money than you spend, have time freedom, and a perfect love life.

Sounds Great right? Are you ready to take the first step?

                 What are you willing to do to get there?

        What if I told you the minute you choose to change the Universe conspires to support you and magic starts to happen.

I HATED the fact I didn’t have anyone to guide me through some of my most difficult times.  I had to learn the route alone and it wasn’t easy.

Now, I’m here so I can guide you.

YOU don’t have to do it alone.

Are you stressed about Money?  Do you feel alone and unhappy?

Are you ready to kick open the blocks and limiting beliefs that  hold you back and start creating your most AMAZING life ever?

About Keri

From a stressed single mom to a Super Entrepreneur. I manifested 40K in a weekend, a 17k sale in one day, a luxury car, the perfect home and much more. 

Why am I telling you this? Because the world we live in has Super Unique Powers and everyone has access to this Power. Energetic Alignment  to be exact.

This has changed my life and now it’s my passion to lead and guide you the same way. 

I was on a mission to find out what this was so I could call in more of the good and keep out the bad. And, then one day it happened. I found the ancient secret!
My purpose and passion is to share my visions, knowledge and energetic business expertise with other women entrepreneurs.  How to up level your  Life. 
Let’s do this! Together! Xo

Keri is shaking up the manifesting space with her spin on a process called “scripting,” which is PERFECT if you’re someone like me who wants PRACTICAL advice on creating your own reality.

Keri is a Grade A badass, a make-shit-happen kind of person and I dig her.
Search for her group  and get in ASAP because she just started a manifesting-by-scripting challenge today.


Mackenzie Fox - Rebels Coaches Club

We have known Keri for a few years now.  She has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement.  Her ability to manifest things through her positive energy and steadfast determination is a true gift from GOD. Keri has helped us focus on the art of manifesting by not only showing us how to do it, but also leading by example.  She has manifested gifts in her life that we used to think never could be possible.  I would recommend ANYONE to Keri and  feel very confident that if you work with her, your life will be transformed (for the better), just like our lives have!  :0)


Chris and Julie Johnson

I have had the fun and playful experience to watch Keri manifest and take part in group manifestations with her. I have never known anyone to get the result of a manifestation as quickly or as accurately as Keri. We have even had crazy manifestation experiments to test the universe! Keri has something especially magical about her, she has the gift of advanced manifestation power. I have personally seen Keri teach others about this magical gift of attracting what you want.

Dr. Amy Brecka


There is noone else in the world like YOU. You are as unique as your fingerprints. You are are meant to THRIVE not just survive and sure as heck not suffer.

Life is a game and when you understand how to play…Miracles happen. I am your guide and I have the map…  your cliff notes to this Game of Life and I can’t wait to share them with you.  xo